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tv   ABC 7 News at 4PM  ABC  July 4, 2011 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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one 43-year-old survived and lost his cell phone, id and clothes when the boat cap sized but was able to call his wife from mexico around 8:00 this morning. >> he said he did swim some shore, he had to do swimming. they had life jackets on. they didn't have time to put on life jackets. he's a strong swimmer, i'm glad. >> eight people are still missing and seven peng passengers and one crew member. one person, as reported is dead. most had life vests when reaching land. they say a freak storm caused 115 boat boat to cap size, it's equipped with life vests and private cabins and a dining facility. there is no word when survivors will be returning home, most did lose their money and ids and michael ng indicated to his wife he sure could use some reason it -- money right now. >> and fire crews on patrol in
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the east bay this afternoon, making sure people follow the law and don't set off fire works. abc 7's wayne freedman is live with more. wayne? >> it probably was not an accident that in oakland hills they changed fire warning signs from moderate to high. history shows that on this day, every year, july 4, there are more fires than any other day of the year in the oakland hills today, the fire department went out of its its way to make sure there are no fires here. >> good morning. oakland fire department. >> you're looking at a hard working man on the 4th of july. no make that a hard working fire department. if you live in the oakland hills, you've either hosted one of the social calls or will. the fire department is inspecting thousands of residents for excess vegetation that might burn. the city passed regulations because nothing teaches like experience, thousands of homes
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burning and in weather like this, with brush getting drier by the day, nobody wants to relive that nightmare again. for dapt hines he's motivated by memories of firsthand experience. >> when in the fire storm it was a situation i'd never seen before. walls of flames. houses on fire than were not on fire. and an insurmountable situation. the thoughts came to my mind. people will die today. >> that is an ab tract to most people. >> absolutely. it was an ab tract to me before experiencing it how can you convey danger? >> it's difficult to project what happened, what i saw to them. >> they're living in evidence. >> they are living in evidence. if they did not experience it, it's difficult to comprehend. >> talking to captain hines today, he's a pretty fun guy. but all of a sudden when he started reliving that fire, he changed the demeanor, and he
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was riveting. it will send chills down your spine to hear him tell that story. if your shous on an upslope, 30 feet down to the ground. they'll have more at 6:00 live in oakland hills, wayne freedman abc 7 news. >> we'll see new just a little bit. >> fog moved in, kept away record breaking heat today, take a look this, is a live picture of san francisco from our camera. you can just see the top of the golden gate bridge popping through. of course the fog makes fire works viewing iffy for some of us. spebser christian is here for a forecast for us. >> maybe iffy near the coast or in san francisco. there is fog around and patches of fog, temperatures into 50s and pleasant weather, but there may be patches of fog that are obscuring views, clear skies, milder, good viewing there. inland totally clear skies. will be warm with temperatures into the 70s, great viewing
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for fire works. in ta who if you're going to be there, you better leave now. mostly cloudy skies now. so all in all, any place away from the coast will have mostly clear skies. you should have a great view of the fire works. here in san francisco rg just a little bit iffy. patches of fog, and the complete accu-weather forecast coming up later. dan? >> sounds good, spenceor, changes. -- thanks, it's ski season that won't quit. take a look. this is a live look. you can sigh traces of snow here. in other resorts there is enough for a big summer ski weekend, 4th of july. we're live now this afternoon. >> reporter: it doesn't look like it here, but there is so much snow that they can probably stay open a few more weeks if they wanted to. and for only the fourth time in the squaw valley 60 plus years of history they fired up lifts today for independence day.
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frequent winter storms made it possible. about a quarter of the total snowfall fell in just one 12-day period. the lower mountain is dirt and rocks, some of the runs at the top have better coverage today than in december. >> today, this morning i went water sking in lake tahoe. then, drove over here and then went skiing for an hour. two hours. it's been great. >> same outfit? yes. same bathing suit. >> this season we've shattered snowfall records, receiving 810 inches of snow. right now there is a six to 10 feet up top here with more in places. >> can you believe it? six to 10 feet, still. the ski season came to an end at 2:00 this afternoon. squaw valley is shifting to summer operations, not for a lack of snow but for a lack of interest in winter sports.
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the resort was surprised this weekend there is presenty of interest, apparently. 8,000 people hitting the slopes this weekend tlchl is so much snow, they expect it will not melt this summer, this fall, they expect it will still be on the ground to help them open in november. >> and that is remarkable, thank you. >> and bart's chief of police says officers acted in defense of their lives when they shot a man last night on a platform. saying officer as approached the suspect he confronted them with a knife and bottle. within a minute, reigny says one officer shot the man and says the officers had a taser but did not use it. >> when you're confronted with deadly force, again, it's a tool that the officer can choose to use or... cannot choose to use. usually confronting deadly force, a knife being deadly
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force. >> the suspect was taken to san francisco general hospital and pronounce dead about an hour later, one officer was cut on his arm by a shard of glass. police are not releasing additional detail autos and combattive president nors being blamed for a rollover crash this morningment police say the officer lost control of the car after the prisoner, being transported to jail in martinez, began spitting on him while trying to block the man spitting the officer veered off the road, rolled over and hit another car. four people were taken to the hospital. >> investigators are trying to determine what caused a fire that damaged three apartment buildings in san francisco this morning, leaving 26 people homeless. the fire broke out around 5:30 in the garage of a building near mission street and quickly spread to buildings on both sides. it took cries more than an hour to put it out. one resident treat forward smoke inhalation. in south san francisco, 37
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hertz rental cars destroy bid fire remain surrounded by crime scene tape amid suspicions illegal fire works could to be blame. it broke out in a grass lot. and wind gusts of more than 20 miles per hour fanned flames frkts sprayed water from the parking lot of a nearby hotel -- motel. several guests say they heard what sounded like illegal fireworks before noticing flames. >> just like a bunch of pop, pop, poppings, like, and noise. >> what did you hear after that? >> people yelling. then a car screeching off, taking off. >> an abc 7 viewer shot this video. the fire raged and investigators will be back at the scene tomorrow, looking for more evidence. >> and still to come this afternoon, this drug prescribed to help smokers quit but a study indicates koit give them another serious health problem.
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>> a look inside of the pentagon. the virtual city inside of the famous five-walled building. >> and celebrating coco the gorilla's 40th birthday with choice words. >> right now here is a look at traffic on skyway. you can see it's very light. cars head to the bay bridge, or on the right of the screen to the peninsula. stay with us.
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>> sth this is a live look at white houts, obamas marking july 4th wealth a special barbecue and a uso concert on the south lawn followed by
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fire works viewing. this has been a day of celebration for the family. president obama's oldest daughter, malia turned 13 today. you can see the weather looks okay there now. before the party began washington, d.c. was hit by a fierce summer storm there. was heavy duty clean up z loose branches blown off trees had to be cleared off the lawn. and all was in order by the time the party began. >> commanders of the military overseeing who two wars in a no-fly zone. it's in a national interest when not on duty they work in comfort. abc takes us through the corridors of the world's five-sided building, the pentagon. it's a for tress city unto itself. >> i like to think it as a small economy within a small economy city. >> it's the world's largest low-rise office building. one military leaders never
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have to leave for almost anything. they over see everything from drug store to barber shop. >> they specialize in shorts. >> yes. crops. military style gear. >> here at a pentagon there are a million do nuts sold every year under 25,000 employees meaning each one has to eat 40 of these, i'm getting a smart now there. is a best buy, several clothing shops and a post office. there is a virginia dmv. >> best part is that there are no lines. but you've got to have one of these to get in. troops can nosh on fast food or linger over fine dining. then, the notorious bistro called the most dangerous hot dog stand, because rumor has it when russians trained in 1980s they set coordinates from right there. there are two credit unions and a bank.
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caught flowerless on valentine's day, soldier? no problem. >> if your wife works in the pentagon there is no excuse in. >> none. >> it's handy for other holidays, too. i'm at the river entrance tlchl is a benefit. on the 4th of july the best place to watch fire works is right here. it's hardly compensation for repeat tours in iraq but if you return to duty here, membership has privileges. >> and a 10 foot bronze statue of ronald reagan was unveiled today in london. commissioned to mark 100 years since the president's birth. former secretary of state condoleezza rice was on hand representing nancy reagan. the statue stands near figures of former u.s. presidents.
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and an inscription reads ronald reagan won the cold war without firing a shot. >> britain ace prince william put train together test today. and william performed several water landings before crowds in canada and his wife, princess kate. the prince is a royal aircraft pilot requesting it as part of his visit this, is the couple's first official overseas trip as a married couple and they plan to visit los angeles on friday. >> and there is a new wild attraction at the marin county fair. i captured it with my iphone there the other day with my wife and kids. there is little blake. in several spots, gophers keep popping up. take a look at this. just when someone steps on the hole they dig themselves out. they're not shy. you can just imagine them saying this is my house, what is the commotion? we can put this story into low
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news value but cute file. >> that is remarkable. like more entertaining than some of the games there, i beat kids enjoyed it. do you see the teeth hanging out there? >> good camera work with your iphone. >> and spencer, nice weather out there today. way cooler. >> yes. cooler around the skbai near the coast. inland areas not so hot as yesterday. you can find about any comfort level you want on this 4th of july. here is a live view, in emeryville looking towards golden gate, skies are mostly blue, but you can see fog at the coast there, there most of the day and its going to get deeper and move farther inland as we get into evening hours, now, we're looking at temperatures ranging from 65 in san francisco, 60 in half moon bay. and there is 96 apiece in livermore and antioch. there is a 30 degree range or more in current are temperature readings, take a look at the change. it's 13 degrees cooler now
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than at this hour yesterday in san francisco. and in oakland. 16 degrees cooler in redwood city. inland areas cooling down a few degrees have yesterday's readings. three degrees cooler in antioch in z.livermore. not so hot as yesterday. these are the highlights. patchy fog for fire works tonight. near the coast. temperatures rebound tomorrow, bouncing up a little bit. cooling begins on wednesday and continues for the remainder of the week into the weekend. this afternoon, fog back at the coast again. and steady, sea breeze brought temperatures down to the levels we're looking at now. and 5:00 in the morning, we'll see coastal fog that will be slow to burn back and will continue to prevail along the coastline, we'll have less of a sea breeze than today. so it will warm up tomorrow on the coast and into inland areas we'll see highs up to about 100 into warmest locations tomorrow. overnight tonight, it will be mild. low temperatures mainly into mid to upper 50s to low 60s in
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some inland locations and there will be fog. then, tomorrow, looking at highs into the south bay around 8 in san jose. 92 in saratoga. 78 san mateo. 83 redwood city. mid-60s on the coast. mild there. downtown san francisco 73 tomorrow, 67 into sunset district. north bay highs 91 novato. and 99 in cloverdale and 101 in ukiah. highs ranging from mid-70s to low to mid-80s, inland, east bay, upper 0s to about 100 in brentwood. monterey bay, highs near 70s near skbait 90s inland. there is highs ranging from mid-60s on the coast and for
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tonight's viewing marine layer at a depth of a thousand feet. if you add a couple hundred more feet from the ceiling should be able to see fire works so there f.there are breaks in the fog viewing should be good. >> it's only a thousand feet deep and there will be breaks in the fog. so there should be good. >> and a study is calling on the fda to take the medication off the market. chantix is prescribed and the study found it may be linked to heart problems .s claiming smokers had more cardiovascular problems. the maker pfizer said in a statement that it disagree was
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the conclusion and actual number of heart attacks and other events was too small to determine if it was the cause. chantix has been prescribed to 13 million people. a south carolina woman to raise money for breast cancer research made a stop in san francisco today. she was joined by several riders who will accompany her on part of the trip to canada and wyoming for a big rally 10 days from now. >> i don't know what you're doing that. is the reception we can get. people see that and they know there is a story behind it. >> and he hopes to share the stories with the world. she's interviewing women who have had cancer and will put testimony in a book to inspire others. >> and the pride of san jose took home another win at the annual hot dog eating contest on coney island.
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more on what was new at this year's event. that is ahead. >> then, at 5:00 a stanford study suggests environmental factor koz play a sig cal role in autism. >> checking view from mount tam, live now, you can see spencer said, the fog there in ocean beach, by... should be just fine for fire works later on this evening. and we're back in a moment.
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the annual hot dog eating contest today with joey chestnut winning for the fifth time. he devoured 62 koging tos this year, short of the record of 68 set in 1969. >> tastes pretty good. i came out here to win. did what i had to do. and found it might needing pepto bismol later. >> his chief rival was not on hand for the second year, he was ruled ineligible because he won't sign a contract with major league eating. that is the governing body of competitive eating. yes, there is such a thing. and nathan had a division just for women this year. the winner sonia the black widow thomas chowed down 40
4:25 pm
hot dogs, saying the female champions weren't getting their due. the 105 pound thomas holds the record, downing 41 weiners in 2009. oh! >> i don't know. don't think so. coco the first gorilla to master sign language turned 40 today, born in the san francisco zoo and lives in woodside. they are celebrating with a birthday haiku contest, the foundation asked the foundation to post poems on twitter. and today, the foundation announced the winning poem tweet bid met 314, gentle lady ape, nimble fingers share her thoughts, teaching to us love. the winner will receive a painting by coco. >> that is a cool, cool gift. >> there you go. >> coming up after 4:30, word another woman is preparing to make a allegations against
4:26 pm
dominique strausschan. >> celebration goesing strong this afternoon. >> and there is a little fog at the golden gate athat may not mess up our view tonight. i'll have the forecast coming up. ♪
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a live look from the east bay right now, you can see san francisco in the distance and
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a little bit of fog in the background there by the golden gate bridge. fog, or not, san francisco's fire works spectacular is sure to light up the sky. >> the show will feature who different firing locations. one from a barge. another from aquatic park. crews were busy today loading mortgage yarz with different-sized shells. >> the man producing the show gives us a look at how the magic happens. >> there is a fuse burning inside. whit gets in, there is a bursting charge that will explode. and lights the stars and colors inside of the shell. the shell will do whatever it's designed to do. >> san francisco's show will have 10,000 visual affects. this starts at 9:30 p.m. along the water front. a little family fun on the 4th of july. the prom naud full of -- prom
4:30 pm
nad full of free activities for the kids. and there is a petting zoo. though not for the shy, there. >> the goat wants that qon. he got it. >> and we're live now where there will be fire works tonight. >> families are starting to my great here to morgan hill community park. live music scheduled to start shortly. then, tonight the sky will light up. 4th of july parades feature everyone from elvis to uncle sam. 150 entrants took part in the rose, white and blue parade, people going to great lengths to show their patriotic spirit. >> it's a hand made outfit from top to bottom. oom costumes are fun and silly, but the serious message behind this celebration honors
4:31 pm
independence and democracy. >> you have a problem with the government you zront to take a gun. you can step up and go to city hall. you can go to legislature and can talk to them. >> there are classic cars and politicians but on this day, military gets biggest applause. >> this is to protect us all. so you can't go wrong. >> morgan hill has a classic car display in downtown and a fire works show tonight. the city doesn't pay for anything. the 4th of july activities are organized by a community group. >> all volunteers and all of the costs and everything support bid the community completely. so it's all ours. >> and tonight's fire works show costs about and saying
4:32 pm
the volunteer locations reporting live in morgan hill, abc 7 news. >> great fire and a chance of seeing fire works could be hit or miss because of the fog. spencer is here now with another fire works forecast for us. >> take a look. we do have fog at the coast now. and it moved through the golden gate tonight. and and clear across the bay. and will be very clear inland and warm there so no fog at all to obscure the view there. in tahoe you should get a view. mostly clear skies there. in san francisco and near the coast, patchy fog. throughout breaks should be able to get a decent view of
4:33 pm
the fire works. >> and if you're looking for ways to celebrate the 4th just go to our web site and look under see it on tv. >> and u.s. troops in southeastern afghanistan celebrated with a flag raising ceremony. it may be the last july 4th spent in afghanistan. the draw down of u.s. troops is set to begin. president obama ordered reduction of 10,000 by the end of the year and another 23,000 by september, 2012. some leaders say the withdrawal plan is more aggressive than anticipated. >> sarah showered began a hunger strike to protest the continued detention of two fellow uc berkeley alumni. they were arrested almost two
4:34 pm
years ago hiking along the border. and the release on bail last year, she announced she'd not return to stand trial. bower and fattal's trials were set to begin at the end of the month. uc werkly -- berkeley alumni will take turns fasting to demand the release. a group of canadian activists attempting to sail through the sea blockade were blocked from leaving a greek port today this, is the second time that a boat belonging to the flotilla was turned back. on friday, the greek coast guard and commandos stopped the boat from leaving and arrested the boat's captain. forces raided a similar flotilla and nine were killed. >> accused activist was thrown out of a hearing today. >> the court orders you be
4:35 pm
removed from the courtroom. could security please escort him out of the courtroom? >> the former serbian general being tried for mass genocide arks accused of committing atros tis during 1992-1995 war in bosnia. the judge entered not guilty pleas on his behalf. >> and outside of the court, mothers of war victims called for justice. he was arrested last month. a french novelist says she will file a lawsuit for attempted rape from the woman's lawyer who claims the former ims chief assaulted her several years ago. he was arrested in new york in may, deny wrong doing and
4:36 pm
serious questions have emerged about the credibility. the case has gone to the jury in the casey anthony case, ahead. >> and secret service gets involved in hacking of a fox news web site. >> and here we are taking a look at the golden gate. traffic is moving into san francisco. i can tell you it was tough on the embark dareo [ male announcer ] using frontline plus
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no holiday for jurors deliberating a high profile murder case, the jurors got the casey anthony case today, she is accused of murdering her daughter, caylee in 2008. prosecutors getting the final word this morning. >> what did guilty people do? they lie. they avoid. they run. they mislead. not just their family but the police. they divert attention away from them selfs and they act like nothing is wrong. >> defense claims she drowned in the family pool and the grandfather decided to make the death look like a homicide. she could get the death penalty if convicted.
4:40 pm
>> secret service is investigating after someone hacked into a fox news twitter account. fox news apologized for any disstress calls today by the tweets reporting the president's assassination. a series of tweets this morning reported the president obama had been shot to death which is not true. fox news called tweets malicious. >> the space shuttle atlantis set to launch on friday, the last flight of the 30 year program. the four astronauts on the 135th shuttle mission arrived in cape canaveral today. mission specialists and bay area native rex wal hcht eim say it will be a bittersweet mission. >> it's just magnificent flying machine, like you said. we want to go farther and go to an asteroid or the moon. we can't get there with the space shuttle. we just don't have money to fly the space shuttle and develop new vehicle autos atlantis traveled more than
4:41 pm
120 million miles. the last night is a 12 day missions to deliver supplies to the international space station. >> up next, san francisco's talking mind troops beginning its 52 season. >> and new lives for old trees cut from cities and turned into works of art. stay with us. [ man ] did we get anything good?
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just a gorgeous 4th of july today, you can see folks enjoying boating here and there is spencer with more on the forecast coming up. today marks the beginning for the toni-awarding winning mind troop. >> the fact the mims talk is one thing that makes them interesting. and abc 7 is live at doorores park. don? >> the word mim means to mimic originally, only became silent silentent in the last 70 or 80 years. beginning their 52 season here, it's been a beautiful day. they set up theater so people can watch it. take a look at the newest production called 2012, the musical.
4:45 pm
>> it's a play within a play. but the message is the same as in every mim troop play. don't be complacent. if you want things better have you to do it yourself. it's political satire but anything but silent. it's about making theater out of the headlines and showing people impacts on their lives. >> there is stuff we complain about, but we're supporting corporation that's are kind of making things worse. how do you make that right with yourself? >> something has to change. if you don't want that to continue, have you to do something about it. have you to demand we leave the jobs here. >> and they've taken a liberal nalt tiff, they're bold and free, as well. the troop is like the
4:46 pm
traveling shows of years past. they finish here, then actors and costumers breakdown sets, load everything in a truck and head to the next location. and like this with great weather, what a better place than to watch this and they're probably coming to your neighborhood because they'll be performing around northern california through the 25th of september. >> and don, thanks. >> beautiful day today and going to be warmer tomorrow. >> spence jer back. >> going to start with a look at conditions tomorrow morning. there will be fog along the coast. and there will start to burn back again, tomorrow, we won't have a cooling sea breeze so with fog will be milder tomorrow, and warmer around the bay than today with highs into 70s and 80s, 90s to about
4:47 pm
100 tomorrow, highs state wide, looking like this, over 100 degrees in chico and sacramento and fresno. 108 in palm springs. a high of 89 in tahoe. 76 in big sur, back to the bay area, taking a look at highs we'll break them down by location and location tomorrow, 98 the high in concord tomorrow. and up to 100 in clear lake. 77 in oakland. and there is nis near the bay into mid-70s, cooler at monterey. 66 there. and sizzles inland and there is our accu-weather forecast. so hottest day will be tomorrow. up to 100 inland and there is mid-60s on the coast. cooler tuesday, warm inland with highs into mid-90s, and there is highs only into
4:48 pm
mid-80s inland, friday through monday, mid-70s around the bay. upper 50s on the coast, rather draw matic change from what we're seeing today and tomorrow. >> temperatures kind of getting closer together. >> they are. and there is temperatures dropping below average, fire works viewing should be great and inland locations clear skies. we do have fog near the coast and around san francisco. and it's not a deep marine layer so. we should be tibl see fire works in san francisco today throughout the break from the fog. >> there gou. >> thanks spencer. >> still head this afternoon, economists -- common mistake that's can cause severe injuries. what you should never do when mowing the lawn. a study suggests something in the environment plays a key
4:49 pm
role in autism.
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4:52 pm
happy 4th of july everyone, heading into san francisco now, and through to the bay bridge, you've got really nice travel conditions. surprisingly light this 4th of july. >> if you think taking your car to the shop seems expensive, you're right. >> drivers pay 11% more than national average for car repairs. and drivers in four other states have it worse. arizona is one of the state's more expensive. >> that is because in western united states, car trouble cause bid dry air is the most expensive to repair according to the study. >> it's such a routine task.
4:53 pm
many people don't realize how dangerous mowing a lawn can be if you don't take precautions. >> reporter: timmo didn't realize the dangers after days of rain. the mower got stuck in the mud. >> i meaned forward and i slammed my forehead into the unit. >> dr. perid who treated him for a severe concussion says accidents involving lawn mowers are almost always serious. >> we can see traumatic injuries. hand or foot getting stuck in the blade. those are life changing events. >> consumer reports mowing expert says blades on today's mowers can exceed 200 miles per hour and any debris can become a project yil.
4:54 pm
consumer reports mowed over golf balls, sharp pieces threw that. is why it's so important to keep kids and pets away when mowing. the survey by consumer reports national research center reveals all too many people have bad mowing habits. >> half of those sur vaied wore shorts, 14% wore flip flop autos another bad habit, drinking beer or other alcohol and 8% admitted to doing just that. consumer reports cautions against disabling safety features such as a handle that shuts off the mower when you let go of it. another precaution arks voiding slips and falls, don't mow wet grass. something timothy learned the hard way. >> good advice there. >> there was a time when the tree taken dmoun a yard wasn't
4:55 pm
good for much than fire wood. >> but now, green carpenters are finding more use for it this. >> this tree has to be cut down, tree trimmers will chip branches to be used for mulch. but biggest parts of the tree will end up at this lumber yard. >> the stree like opening up a novel. there is stuff inside you don't expect is z.learn about. >> this master carpenter sees the beauty in this urban wood. he owns a company that takes trees, ages wood, and then mills it. the resulting timber will be turned into homes, furniture and restaurants like ipuku in berkeley. >> there is a story, it grows up around people, people do things to it. they hang their hammos on it. and they cutoff the limbs.
4:56 pm
and it makes the wood have a lot of character. >> it's part of a growing movement around the bay area and cross the nation n may, friends of the urban forest hosted a california urban wood conference here. and they brought together people to talk about alternative uses for wood gathered from city landscaping and local yards. >> we can see urban wood coming out of our cities in a way that it shouldn't be. it's being turned into mulches and things but the value is not as long strong as a table. >> urban forestry allows workers to tim beer sometimes, biggest trees are treated like garden plants, well taken care of. >> steve cheryl wrote the book on harvesting urban tim beer things are coming together
4:57 pm
we're now move together point where we're going to have, i believe the products industry. >> this more maying one of the beneficiaries, urban hard woods started in seattle, expanding to three stores on west coast. >> people becoming more consus and want something hand made and something that is green. >> a table can sometimes cost tens of thousands of dollars and this is a work of art. >> thanks for joining us for abc 7 news at 4:00. >> news at 5:00 starts now with allen wong. >> mexican officials considering calling off a search for seven u.s. tourists missing in a baja fishing boat accident. some are from the bay area. the confrontation led to
4:58 pm
another deadly shooting by officers on a bart platform. and an unusual sight at lake tahoe. people hitting the ski slopes in july. >> good evening, everyone. i'm allen wong, rescue teams considering calling off a search for seven u.s. tourists, most passengers on that boat are from the bay area. the boat cap sized yesterday morning during a storm in the sea of cortez about 60 miles south of san felipe. we're live in san ramone where one of the missing passengers is from. >> this is an anxious time. they're waiting to hear the fate of their neighbor donald lee, one of eight people still missing out of a total number of 44 passengers and crew members. a surprise storm swept them into the sea when the fishing
4:59 pm
boat, the eric cap sized. somehow, 37 passengers and crew members managed to get get to shore. some had life vests, some did not. 43-year-old michael ng was among them. >> he had to do some swimming. they had life jackets on. they did have time to put on life jackets, so that is a good thing. he's a strong swimmer, i'm glad. >> but current were strong and ng and two others held on to an ice chest. nearly 12 hours before they reached mexican authorities to report the incident accident dent. >> some people made it to shore by swimming and walked to town. >> the u.s. coast guard launched a rescue helicopter in hopes of spofting the missing from 300 feet over the water. the boat had just left saturday on what was scheduled to be saichl-day trip, charging $800 per person. >> they're going for yellow tail, and anything that is out there.


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